Freshealthy Group

Freshealthy provides a new kind of kitchen to everyone, based on natural and organic food.
Our meals are made out of nutrients present in natural foods with a real savour.
For breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just for trying out our natural gluten-free, lactose-free and no added sugar pastries.
You can also order homemade protein smoothies and fresh fruit juices. 
Whole world kitchens are united for you, the little ones, children and adults.

Davide Castellano

Freshealthy Kids

Fresh and organic food for little ones and children …
Great attention is paid to meals. Eager to offer the best possible food to the children. Freshealthy Kids offers a healthy kitchen for children, using fresh, organic, local and seasonal products, gluten-free, no added sugar, lactose-free. The meals are adapted according to the age of the children and their dietetic program. Parents have the choice of menu for children from 0 to 2 years old.

We also respect religious convictions of the people. Through this Freshealthy Kids entity, "our desire is to offer a balanced and varied diet," explains Davide, a specialized social educator, also trained in functional nutrition. Kindergartens who wish can also benefit from the dishes concocted by Freshealthy. "It is also particularly interesting for micro-crèches for example, for which having an internal kitchen can be very expensive,".

Freshealthy Meals

Healthy and tailor-made dishes for adults…
This concept, offering a delivery of fresh meals directly on your site of work. For people who don't have much time but want to eat healthy.
“It is possible to register a monthly subscription. Each day, you receive a dish prepared and cooked in a balanced way, adapted to your tastes and your diet, and which takes into consideration your possible allergies. This personalized dish is a "surprise" and you will never get bored."

If you want to take advantage of Freshealthy Meals services on an ad hoc basis, you can also order a dish in advance, from the options on the menu card.
Freshealthy also makes meals suitable for gaining muscle mass or losing weight.
Davide has already tested and proven his concept in the United States, in the Miami area. "The idea started from the observation that to be healthy and feeling good, our diet is essential.
We therefore work all kitchen of the world, but preserving taste and nutrients as much as possible and eliminating harmful ingredients such as additives, preservatives, processed products, gluten and lactose which create inflammation in the body. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, With Freshealthy Meals, we want to encourage people to eat better and stay healthy.

Eat smart - Look good - Feel great

Our Team


Davide Castellano


I’m ensuring good management and high quality of services provided by the company. I manage commercial relations with corporations and institutions. Ensure compliance with internal regulations by the staff and direct them. I’m making sure that the services offered are adapted to the needs of the clientele.


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Michel Salotti

Manager meals dep. prod.

I participate in the creation of menus and I manage the department of meals production according to the FRESHEALTHY project. I watch over and enforce food safety standards on the production departement. With my years of experience in catering I will put my experience at your service to prepare good dishes for kids and adults alike.


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Luca Potenzano


Food will always find those who love to cook! With my professional experience and holder of a qualified cook diploma, I will put my skills to the benefit of this project in order to participate actively in its success. The functional kitchen.


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Santiago Saavedra

Sales department

As a nutrition and wellness aficionado, I have always embodied the Freshealthy motto of “eat smart look good feel great". Based originally in Bogota, Colombia — a fresh dose of sunshine is brought to Luxembourg with me and my passion for bettering the lives of others.


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Samuele Saetta


My role is to carry out maintenance work (external and internal). My goal is to keep all branches in an excellent state of safety so that children and customers are safe.


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Wilson Ramos

Security worker

Allow your children and all our teams to grow and work in a safe and secure environment.


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